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The founder of the Lobaev company gives his gun to everyone who destroys the American-made Bradley armored car


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The founder of the Lobaev company, which produced sniper rifles, Vladislav Lobaev promised that he would give the one who destroys the first American-made Bradley armored car a LAR-10 (counter) sniper rifle.

Lobaev stipulated that the sniper rifle, which also hits light armored vehicles, would be provided with a photo of the damaged armored vehicles in his Telegram channel.

It is noteworthy that in Russia the production of ultra-precise semi-automatic sniper rifles LAR-10 (counter) caliber 7.62×51 mm NATO has begun.

The bullet you are using has a long range (1500 meters), which exceeds the range of classic rifles and machine guns. It can also hit light armor.

Earlier, the Russian Novosti agency reported that the first batch of the above-mentioned rifles entered the units of the Russian army in December last year.

Source: Russian newspaper

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