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The Future of Medicine: PlayStation Controller Revolutionizes Cutting-Edge Surgery


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The Future of Medicine: PlayStation Controller Used in Cutting-Edge Surgery

In a groundbreaking medical advancement, doctors at the Mauriziano hospital in Turin recently performed stone surgery using a PlayStation controller integrated with an innovative robot called Ily. This remarkable fusion of technology from the gaming world and the medical field showcases the ongoing evolution of healthcare.

Robot-Assisted Surgery

The surgery, carried out on a patient with complex kidney stones, was overseen by Dr. Roberto Migliari, the Director of Urology at Mauritius, along with his team. The Ily robot played a crucial role in the procedure, guided by the doctors using a PlayStation controller. Dr. Migliari explained the capabilities of the robot:

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The advanced robot is equipped with a versatile arm that precisely navigates a flexible endoscopic instrument into the urinary tract until it detects a stone. We can then use a powerful superpulse laser, which has recently been utilized in prostate surgery, to break down the stone.

The Role of the PlayStation Controller

The PlayStation controller controls the flexible element of the robot, enabling precise movements of the endoscope. This allows the operating surgeon to maintain distance from the x-rays used for guidance. Maurizio Dall’Acqua, the General Director of the hospital, emphasized the significance of this technological breakthrough:

With this advancement, we are taking yet another step toward the future and continuously modernizing the technologies utilized at Mauriziano hospital. For over 40 years, our hospital has been at the forefront of metabolic diagnosis, medical therapy of urinary stones, and minimally invasive stone surgery.

Mauriziano hospital’s collaboration between nephrology, the national reference center for rare forms of stones, the Laboratory of Analysis, which determines the composition of the stones, and the urology department led by Dr. Migliari has solidified its position as a pioneer in the fight against urinary stones.

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