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The Greek government exploits the defense for political gain: the opposition


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Local media reported that Greece’s main opposition party accused the Greek government of exploiting defense issues for domestic political gain.

The government of the conservative Nya Democracy (ND) party must realize that being a “predictable ally” of the United States will neither solve the country’s problems nor serve its interests, the main opposition SYRIZA-PS said in a statement, Left News. I mentioned the site.

Denying recent statements by Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos that the previous Syriza government in 2015-2019 did nothing to improve Greece’s defense capabilities, the statement said several steps were taken during that period, including the initiation of efforts to modernize the country’s F-16 fighter. aircraft fleet.

Stressing that it would respond to government propaganda with “arguments, facts and figures”, the party said, “We expect and hope that courage, honesty and responsibility will prevail. We will not tolerate any demagogic benefit on any issue, especially on a national level.” Defense Matters.

Meanwhile, Rizospastis, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), claimed on Sunday that the US has accelerated work to make its deployment at Larissa Air Base in central Greece permanent.

She stressed that US military authorities had recently issued tender notices to expand Washington’s presence at the base, warning that such developments could make Greece a target for rival imperial centers.

Greek lawmakers ratified a revised version of the US-Greece Joint Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) on May 12.

The agreement allows the United States to use the Gorgola barracks in central Greece’s Volos province, the Litochoro training ground, and the army barracks in the northeastern port city of Alexandroupoli (Dediaggak), along with the naval base in Souda Bay in Crete, which the United States owns. Operating since 1969.

The MDCA, which was first signed into law in 1990, has been renewed several times, with the most recent extension in 2019.

It was previously subject to annual renewal but later modifications allowed for a five-year extension.

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