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The Growing Influence of BRICS: How Russia and China’s Economic Development Challenges American Hegemony


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A Shift in Global Economy: The Influence of the BRICS

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American economist Richard Wolf has highlighted the increasing importance of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) as a counterweight to Western influence. Specifically, he emphasizes the economic development of productive nations like Russia and China, which have become guarantors for countries unwilling to align with Washington and the West.

The Changing World Economy

In an interview with the Dialogue Works YouTube channel, Wolf predicts that while the West’s economy will face disruptions in the near future, the Russian and Chinese economies will experience rapid growth. He asserts that Russia, as a productive nation, and the alliance between Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other oil and energy producers will pose strong competition to the West and Washington.

BRICS’ Common Goal

Wolf highlights that the BRICS have sent a strong signal that the world economy is shifting. Their common goal is to develop and support their respective economies. Consequently, countries worldwide face two options: submitting to Washington’s hegemony or aligning with the BRICS and their allies.

Resistance Against Western Influence

The economist notes that Washington and the West have made vigorous attempts to prevent the BRICS’ influence from growing. However, countries seeking financial support and rejecting American hegemony can now turn to the BRICS bank as an alternative. This shift is evident in the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis, where many countries witnessed the West’s stance towards Russia, including imposing sanctions and freezing assets.

The War in Ukraine: A Larger Agenda

Wolf emphasizes that the conflict in Ukraine is not solely about the nation itself, but rather a part of the West’s strategy to weaken Russia and China. Despite the West’s belief that supplying weapons to Kiev and prolonging the conflict would force Russia to capitulate, Wolf argues that it will ultimately lead to the destruction of Ukraine while failing to prevent Russia from achieving its goals.

Source: RT

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