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The Hazards of Spring Weather Fluctuations Discussed by Doctor


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Therapist Tatyana Romanenko identified the risks of respiratory infections due to spring weather fluctuations.

In an interview with Radio Sputnik, the doctor pointed out that the number of patients suffering from various respiratory infections usually increases in the spring. After all, spring weather creates conditions for the activation of viruses and the development of diseases such as influenza, coronavirus, and the common cold.

“Spring is, above all, an increase in respiratory infections,” she says. Because many people overestimate the air temperature and wear light clothes that are out of season, although the mucous membranes of the nose, ear and throat are still “dry” due to heating systems.

And he adds: “The sun is starting to warm up, so we, firstly, stop wearing warm clothes. Secondly, the mucous membrane of the nose, ear and throat, which serves as a barrier to viruses, is dry, so the likelihood of them entering the body increases.

According to her, doctors are preparing to treat exacerbations of allergic diseases in the spring, which begin long before the flowering of plants. Changes in nature can worsen the well-being of people with mental and emotional disorders.

She adds: In addition, diseases of the genitourinary system are exacerbated in the spring. It’s “cystitis in women and prostatitis in men,” she says.

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