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The head of the German gas distribution network: 3 factors threaten the stability of the gas price


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Klaus Müller, head of the German Federal Network Agency, said that the gas market has achieved a certain price stability, but the risks of a rapid increase in the cost of blue fuel still exist.

In an interview with Bild am Sonntag, he added: “Many people are talking about achieving price stability, which can be taken into account in the calculations for the next year or two. But there are 3 serious factors that carry the danger: the coming winter may get colder and China may increase again Increased consumption gas, which is currently below the norm, and infrastructure for gas transportation may suffer, as happened with the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

It is noteworthy that gas prices are currently declining against the backdrop of warm weather in Europe. Temperatures in most EU countries remain above average climatic indicators, which has led not only to a decrease in gas production from storage facilities, but also to an increase in injection into them to record levels.

Source: TASS

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