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The healer called the attributes of nutrition during illness


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Moscow, February 17 – Georgi Sabigo, general practitioner, spoke in an interview with Sputnik Radio about how to eat during illness and it is especially important not to skip meals.
The doctor noted that with a cold and SARS, a person’s sense of smell often worsens, he begins to perceive the taste of familiar foods differently, and he loses his appetite. However, to fight off a viral infection, the body needs nutrients, especially when it comes to children, Sabigo warned.
Older people tend to limit themselves in food, but during illness, lack of adequate nutrition can lead to a serious deterioration in their condition, he said.
“Old people need to be watered and fed constantly, just like children,” said Sabigo.
The doctor added that it is especially useful to drink chicken broth during illness, as it stimulates mucus secretion and relieves coughing.

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However, according to him, with colds and SARS, you can even eat fast food.
At the same time, dairy products should be treated with caution, because with colds and SARS, the activity of the enzyme that breaks down lactose can decrease, Sabigo believes. In addition, it is not recommended to eat hot food when it is hot.
“When the body temperature rises, it is best not to eat or drink a lot of hot food – such food in itself raises the body temperature,” said Sabigo.
The doctor remembers that the regimen for taking medications is largely related to nutrition, as some medications are recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, while others are recommended to be taken after meals.
“Some antibiotics should be taken on an empty stomach, that is, one hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. This is how they are properly absorbed. Antipyretics often irritate the stomach. It is best to take them with or immediately after food. meal,” Sabigo advised.

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