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The Impact of Alien Vs Predator: A Look at the Colliding Franchises


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Alien Vs Predator: The Colliding Franchises

Alien Vs Predator: The Colliding Franchises

Introduction to Alien and Predator

Alien, the eighth passenger by Ridley Scott was released in 1979 and it remains a timeless classic in the world of science fiction. Known for its horror elements, the Alien saga has become a reference in the genre.

The Birth of Alien Vs Predator

In an attempt to maximize the success of the franchise, 20th Century Fox Studios decided to merge the worlds of Alien and Predator for the 25th anniversary in 2004. The film showcased the famous Predator hunting a Xenomorph while unsuspecting humans found themselves caught in the middle of this intergalactic conflict. However, this decision would have significant repercussions for both the Alien franchise and its directors. Despite the opposition from James Cameron, the director of Aliens, the project went ahead.

James Cameron’s Disappointment

James Cameron, during his time working on The Abyss, had plans to write Alien 5. He had even discussed the project with Ridley Scott, who was supposed to direct the film while Cameron took charge of the script and production. However, Cameron’s excitement waned upon learning about the development of Alien Vs Predator. He expressed his concerns to Fox, stating that such a crossover would inevitably harm the franchise. His warnings went unheeded, and the film was released. Cameron remarked, “It’s like Universal making Dracula versus the Werewolf. I then lost all interest in making an Alien 5 film.” Thus, the collaboration between James Cameron and Ridley Scott was severed.

Ridley Scott’s Criticism

In an interview, Ridley Scott went even further than Cameron, deeming the idea of Alien Vs Predator as idiotic. The film’s failure validated their concerns, receiving a dismal 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics were unimpressed, and the franchise’s reputation suffered greatly. The disappointment continued with a sequel, Alien Vs Predator: Requiem, which fared even worse at 12%. The franchise experienced mixed success with subsequent films like Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Currently, the upcoming film in production, Alien: Romulus, promises to return to the simple and captivating storytelling of the 1979 original. All films from the Alien saga are available on Disney+.

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