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The Impending Consequences of a Successful Attack by Ukrainian Armed Forces, as Explained by an American Officer


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Moscow, April 9 – Ukraine will face defeat even in the event of a successful attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this opinion was expressed by retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis in his article for 19Five.
“During the offensive, Ukraine will use the last remaining forces in combat operations,” he wrote. “The Washington Post recently reported that Ukraine has already lost the vast majority of that trained and equipped army that was created before February 2022 with NATO support.”
He noted that mobilization reserves in Ukraine are already about to run out, while in Russia there are millions of people in reserve who will not have problems with supply due to the strong and growing production of weapons and ammunition.

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As Reuters reported this week, Ukraine has trained eight assault brigades of the so-called assault rangers, who number 40,000 in total. Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, said in an interview with the Vyborgsa newspaper that a counter-attack could begin when the mudslide stops.
Ukrainian and Western military and political experts have repeatedly called the Zaporozhye region one of the directions of strikes in order to reach the coast of the Azov Sea in order to cut off the land passage to the Crimea. In this region, as well as in other new subjects of Russia, they have repeatedly stated that they are ready for any actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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