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The Insecure Operating Systems Running the World’s Infrastructure: Evgeny Kaspersky


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Evgeny Kaspersky: Insecure Operating Systems Pose a Threat to Global Infrastructure

Evgeny Kaspersky, the head of Kaspersky Lab, has highlighted the widespread vulnerability of the world’s infrastructure due to the use of insecure operating systems. From smartphones to factories, every element of our infrastructure is at risk.

Rising Threat from Attacking Hackers

Kaspersky emphasized that the security level of these elements is alarmingly low, while the professionalism of hackers continues to increase. The situation with cyber attacks has reached a critical point, as the infrastructure’s security level lags behind the attackers’ expertise.

A Global Problem

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The issue extends beyond gadgets and computers. Critical infrastructure such as cars, stations, factories, and power plants are also built on insecure operating systems, increasing the potential for devastating consequences.

Concerns for Industrial Safety

While messaging programs like WhatsApp and operating systems like Android and iOS have also faced attacks, Kaspersky expressed greater concern for the security of critical infrastructure. Industrial safety is his main worry, as the impact of hacking these facilities can be far more severe than any damage caused by compromising popular applications.

Expertise and Background

Evgeny Kaspersky, a leading Russian expert on antivirus programs and a prominent figure in the cybersecurity field, is known for his wealth of knowledge in combating computer infections. His insights shed light on the urgent need for improved security measures.

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