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The Interior of Russia’s Equivalent to Swallows Revealed by the News Agency


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Moscow, April 2 – The interior of the all-Russian analogue of the Lastochka electric train is made in light gray colors, the seats with dark gray armrests are located in the cabin two or three times in a row, judging by the photographs provided by the developer and manufacturer of the train. Train to the News Agency.
The electric train with the working name of the model “Vostok” was developed by the Russian group “Sinara – Transport Machines” (STM). Its first official presentation is scheduled for August 2023 at the PRO // Movement.Expo forum in St. Petersburg, according to Dmitry Pegov, Deputy General Director of Russian Railways. Earlier, the News Agency published photos of the appearance of the new train. Visually, it appears less wide than its predecessor, with an elongated nose, narrow vertical headlights, and large square windows with rounded corners.
Now it becomes known what the novelty will look like in the interior. The seat upholstery is made with the image of decorative “cubes” on the back. Above the seats there are shelves for hand luggage. There are luggage racks along the wall. Trash cans are arranged on the side of the doors. There are restrooms and an information board.

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Sinara previously announced in a message on the site that the new electric trains will satisfy all the needs of modern man and will be “more comfortable than the Lastochki that Russians love.” And they talked about USB connectors for charging gadgets. , new warning systems, mounts for mopeds and bicycles, a small car with a maximum capacity of 1,400 people and a speed of up to 160 kilometers per hour.
“Swallows” is based on the German Desiro platform. In Russia, it is produced by the Ural Locomotives plant. It was established in 2010 as a joint venture between the German company Siemens and the Russian group Sinara – Transport Vectors. However, in May 2022, a foreign company announced that it was winding up its business in Russia, including exiting existing joint ventures. The localization of “Swallows” is currently about 90%.
A representative of the Sinara – Transport Machines group previously told the News Agency that the company was preparing to produce at the plant that now produces Lastochka a completely new passenger, all-Russian train and its modifications with a different name.

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