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The Intriguing Storyline of Snitch: A Wild Movie Experience


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The Intriguing Storyline of Snitch

A Wild Movie Experience

In September 2023, popular streaming platform Netflix added the 2013 film “Snitch,” starring Dwayne Johnson, to its library. After a decade since its release, I decided to re-watch the movie and was left with a plethora of thoughts and emotions. The film’s gripping plot and engaging characters made a lasting impression on me, causing me to reflect on its themes long after the credits had rolled.

This movie is not your typical over-the-top crazy action film. It may not have helicopter takedowns like Hobbs & Shaw, but it still has a lot to offer. From its absurd premise to the appearance of David Harbour before his Stranger Things days, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this mid-tier action movie directed by Ric Roman Waugh.

The Messed Up Premise of Snitch

The story revolves around a man named John Matthews, played by Dwayne Johnson, who takes on an undercover mission for the DEA. He does this to clear his son Jason’s name after he is wrongly accused of being involved in a drug deal. Jason’s so-called best friend had framed him, but instead of betraying his friend, Jason chooses to go to prison. John is left with no choice but to try and save his son by becoming a part of a dangerous operation that takes him deep into the territory of a Mexican drug cartel.

The federal prosecutor, Joanne Keeghan, played by Susan Sarandon, is not concerned with finding the truth and only wants to secure a conviction. This highlights the flaws in the justice system and raises questions about the concept of justice itself. The movie is based on a 1999 PBS Frontline documentary named Snitch, which supports the mandatory minimum sentencing laws, an anti-drug program that inspired the film.

A Nostalgic Return for Dwayne Johnson

I miss this type of Dwayne Johnson movie. While his recent blockbuster hits like the Fast & Furious series have been fantastic, there’s something special about his mid-level action movies. Before Snitch, Johnson starred in films like The Rundown, Walking Tall, and Faster, which showcased his talent for playing grounded characters. These movies had a charm and provided a fun and engaging experience, which I adore.

Snitch Showcases Three Memorable Villains

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Snitch boasts not one, not two, but three standout villains. Joanne Keeghan, the federal prosecutor, is cold-hearted and opportunistic. While she may be on the side of the law, her pursuit of convictions at any cost makes her a villain in her own right. Michael K. Williams impressively portrays Malik Anderson, a ruthless and paranoid character who evokes fear and sympathy. Lastly, Benjamin Bratt shines as Juan Carlos “El Topo” Pintera, the larger-than-life cartel kingpin, whose portrayal is entertaining and captivating.

A Surprising Appearance by David Harbour

Did you know that David Harbour had a brief role in Snitch? I completely forgot until I rewatched the film. His performance as defense attorney Jay Price may have been short, but seeing how his career has blossomed since then is fascinating. From playing small parts in previous films to becoming a major superstar, Harbour’s journey is truly inspiring. While watching Snitch, I couldn’t help but wonder how his character would have evolved if the movie had been released in 2023. Maybe he would have even taken on the lead role alongside Johnson.

The Possibility of a Rock and Gerard Butler Team-Up

The prospect of Dwayne Johnson and Gerard Butler joining forces for a sequel to Snitch is truly exciting. Both actors are renowned for portraying distant father figures in movies directed by Ric Roman Waugh. Despite the original film’s lack of significant commercial success or critical acclaim, the potential for a follow-up in which Johnson and Butler collaborate to take down a drug ring, cartel, or even sleeper agents within the government is highly appealing. Their on-screen chemistry and the action-packed sequences are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

A Nostalgic Connection to My Hometown

One of the reasons I have always held a particular fondness for Snitch is that it was filmed in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. The movie triggers nostalgia by showcasing familiar locations, such as the skyline and Betty Virginia Park, where a drug bust occurs. The final chase scene on Clyde Fant Parkway adds to the sentimental value since it was during my last winter in Shreveport. Watching the film felt surreal experience that made me miss my hometown.

After so many years, rewatching Snitch was a delightful experience for various reasons. While it may not evoke homesickness or sentimentality in everyone, this movie is worth checking out if you have a Netflix subscription and want to pass a few hours.

Stream Snitch on Netflix.

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