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The Introduction of Bahrain’s Golden License for Vital Projects


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The Kingdom of Bahrain has announced the launch of a golden license for strategic projects, which is a step to strengthen the investment environment in the Kingdom, open new partnerships and create promising opportunities for citizens.

This was based on a decision by the Bahraini cabinet led by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The move also aims to push the economic development paths in its various sectors to a higher level, providing benefits and opportunities for investment and strategic projects.

These benefits will benefit companies and institutions that create more than 500 local jobs, that contribute to the creation of promising jobs for the people of the country, or whose investment value exceeds $50 million in their first years in the Kingdom, and help strengthen development paths in the local level.

A quality project aimed at institutions and companies at home and abroad, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of Bahrain as a suitable investment destination, provides institutions and companies with many benefits, including simplification of strategic project procedures, giving priority in the allocation of investment land, priority for infrastructure connections and utilities, as well as ad hoc support in government services such as Sijilat, Banayat and others, in addition to the services of the Tamkin Labor Fund and the Bahrain Development Bank, in coordination with the government. agencies in a unified and integrated manner, delegating an account manager from the Economic Development Board and reviewing existing laws or regulations as necessary.

Source: Bahrain News Agency.

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