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The killer of two girls in Rybinsk says he abused them after death


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Yaroslavl, December 28 – And Vitaly Molchanov, the murderer of two girls for life in Rybinsk, told reporters that he would appeal the verdict to prove that he abused the children after their death, and not before, as the court decided.
On Wednesday, the Yaroslavl Regional Court sentenced Molchanov to life imprisonment. He was found guilty of murdering two young girls, sexual assault, and attempted rape of a minor.
After the verdict was announced, Molchanov told reporters that he would appeal against him in order to defend his version of the sequence of actions he had committed on the day of the murder. According to him, he will do it for the sake of the girls’ mother.
“We established a relationship with Valentina Sopronova, and I want her to know exactly what she did. I think it is important for her … there was a murder. And the rape and sexual acts were related to the corpses, i.e. there was no violence against a person .. This is no longer a person, just a corpse.”

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In his opinion, this knowledge will ease the suffering of the girl’s mother.
State Prosecutor Pyotr Fedorenko told reporters that Molchanov had already taken this position in court, possibly in order to mitigate the sentence.
“At the hearing, Molchanov doubted the sequence of his criminal actions. He indicated that at first he committed murder, then rape and other acts of a sexual nature. The prosecution considered otherwise. Crimes against the sexual integrity of minors were committed before the murder, ”the prosecutor commented.
According to the Yaroslavl Regional Court, the girl’s father filed a claim for moral damage in the amount of 10 million rubles, and the mother – in the amount of 2 million rubles. The court satisfied the claims in full.
In Rybinsk, in September 2020, two sisters, aged 8 and 13, were killed; Their mother found their bodies when she returned from work. The accused is her roommate Vitaly Molchanov, with whom she and her children moved from the Omsk region a month and a half before the tragedy after meeting on the Internet. The man was released from prison in 2019 after serving his sentence for particularly serious crimes, including murder.
The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported that Molchanov attempted to rape one of the girls and sexually assault the second, after he was left alone at home with the children. Then kill them and desecrate the dead bodies.

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