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The Last of Us Spin-Offs: Exploring Possible Characters and Storylines


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The Last of Us Spin-Offs: Exploring Possible Storylines

The Last of Us Spin-Offs: Exploring Possible Storylines

The creators of the series are open to spin-offs

Gradually, film adaptations of video games are improving. The Super Mario film and the Amazon Prime series have proven this. The Last of Us remains one of the most watched series on the SVOD platform. However, while the second season is being prepared, some are already imagining its extended universe through possible spin-offs.

The Last of Us series was created by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckman, who also created the video game. The series was put on hold due to the strike of screenwriters and actors in Hollywood, which halted the creative process and promotional activities. Nevertheless, in agreement with the screenwriters’ union, Craig Mazin expressed openness to discussion about possible spin-offs for The Last of Us.

What could The Last of Us spin-offs be about?

The showrunners of The Last of Us series are open to the idea of a spin-off. If the series continues its success and popularity, it is likely that Amazon Prime may order spin-off stories. But who could be the main characters of these spin-offs?

Based on the first season of The Last of Us, three different angles can be explored. The first is to delve further into the lives of Bill and Frank, two secondary characters who played a significant role in an acclaimed episode. Another possibility is to explore the past of Kathleen, the revolutionary leader of the survivors in Kansas City. Lastly, to maintain a connection with the main story and video games, a spin-off centered around Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, could be imagined. Since the series reveals her shared history with Anna, Ellie’s mother, it is not impossible for scriptwriters to explore this aspect of the story.

What are your thoughts on a spin-off for The Last of Us? Which character would you like to learn more about?

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