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The Latest Star Wars Films and Spin-offs: A Review of Episode VII, VIII, IX, Solo, and Rogue One


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The Latest Star Wars Films and Spin-offs

The recent Star Wars feature films have received mixed reviews. First, in 2015, episode VII: The Force Awakens made a decent comeback, but wasn’t universally praised. Similarly, episode XVIII: The Last Jedi also failed to convince everyone. The final installment of the postlogy, The Rise of Skywalker, suffered from questionable editing and didn’t appeal to all viewers. In addition to these films, there were two spin-offs: Solo, which had average success with a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and Rogue One, which was better received by both fans and critics with an 84% rating. Directed by Gareth Edwards, Rogue One stands out as the most successful recent Star Wars film in terms of story coherence, introduction of new elements, original ending, and the depiction of Darth Vader. Now, the director is returning with a new sci-fi film this year, and fans can expect something great!

The Return of John David Washington

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The upcoming film, The Creator, stars John David Washington, who is once again playing the lead role in a science fiction movie. He recently starred in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet (2020). In this new film, Washington portrays a character named Joshua in a world where humanity is at war with artificially intelligent beings. Joshua is recruited to stop and kill “The Creator,” an entity that has developed a weapon capable of ending the war by eliminating all humans. The cast also includes Ken Watanabe, who has previously collaborated with Gareth Edwards on the film Godzilla, and Gemma Chan, known for her role in The Eternals. Audiences can catch these talented actors on the big screen on September 27.

Unique Settings for the Genre

The Creator stands out visually from other science fiction films. Unlike movies like Blade Runner and Altered Carbon with their entirely artificial cities or films like Star Wars and Dune with vast desert landscapes, The Creator features settings filmed in Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia. Gareth Edwards has previously showcased original environments in Rogue One, where the planet Scarif surprised audiences with its beaches, light sands, turquoise water, and lush palm trees – a departure from the forests and deserts typically associated with the Star Wars universe. The cinematographer chosen for The Creator is Greig Fraser, who also worked on Rogue One.

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