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The Lebanese army is “on alert” after Israeli forces approach the border fence


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The Lebanese army declared a state of alert Sunday as Israeli forces approached a “technical fence” separating the country from Israel.

The Lebanese state-owned National News Agency said that Israeli bulldozers and a military force moved towards the fence near Wadi Hanin in southern Lebanon.

The move comes amid tension after the Lebanese forces on Thursday stopped Israeli military bulldozers from continuing excavation work in the area after breaching the Blue Line by two meters near the town of Kfar Kila in southern Lebanon, according to the Lebanese army.

Troops from the United Nations peacekeeping mission (UNIFIL) were sent to the area to prevent any escalation on the ground.

The Blue Line is the line set by the United Nations for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon in 2000.

Lebanon often accuses Israel of violating its airspace and territorial waters.

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