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The Likability Rankings: Ranking the Main Characters in Modern Family


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The Likability Rankings of the Main Characters in Modern Family

The Modern Family Series_

Things can get complicated when it comes to the likability rankings of the main characters in the hit TV show Modern Family. With a lovable cast and memorable moments, determining who reigns supreme in terms of likability can be challenging. In this article, we will delve into the world of Modern Family and rank the main characters based on their likability.

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The Modern Family Series_

    1. Phil Dunphy

      At the top of the likability rankings, we have Phil Dunphy. This quirky and lovable dad of the Dunphy clan is always willing to go the extra mile for his family, even if it often leads to disastrous results. Phil’s kind heart, positive spirit, and enduring love for his wife Claire and three kids make his mishaps easy to forgive. Despite being mistreated at times, Phil’s zest for life and dedication to keeping the spark alive in his marriage are admirable. With his ability to laugh at himself and roll with the punches, Phil is the most lovable and relatable character in Modern Family.

    2. Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

      Gloria Pritchett, often portrayed as the stereotypical “hot Latina,” proves she’s so much more. Behind her nurturing exterior is a fiery woman who takes no nonsense. While her son Manny’s melodramatic tendencies and obsession with her love life can grate on one’s nerves, Gloria’s infinite patience and firmness shine through. She handles his whining and manipulation with grace and love. Gloria’s accent and misuse of idioms provide comedic moments, but she navigates the English language with admirable skill. Her caring nature and words of wisdom make her a likable character.

    3. Alex Dunphy

      The oft-forgotten middle child Alex Dunphy deserves more credit for her likability. While not outwardly quirky like her siblings, Alex’s sly humor and witty comebacks steal almost every scene she’s in. Her dry and sarcastic personality makes her the “normal” one in the family, trying her best to survive in the midst of their craziness. Despite being overshadowed in earlier seasons, Alex has emerged as the show’s comedic MVP. Her chemistry with her onscreen parents, Claire and Phil, is comedy gold. Despite her deadpan demeanor, Alex’s portrayal of the smartest person in the room adds depth to her character.

    4. Claire Dunphy

      Claire Dunphy, the matriarch of the Dunphy clan, is a total control freak. Claire strives to keep everything in order with her Senior Vice President of Organize’ Em role and being a mom of three. Her Type A personality and desire to control every detail can drive her family nuts. However, they also know that her intentions come from a place of love. Claire gives great advice and is fiercely protective of her family. Occasionally, she lets loose and engages in spontaneous activities, showing that she’s not all work and no play. Her relatability and endearing qualities make her a likable character.

    5. Hailey Dunphy

      Hailey Dunphy, the rebellious teenage daughter of Claire and Phil, may sometimes come across as self-centered and aloof. However, her moments of heart and humor make her a likable character. Her witty comebacks, pop culture references, and close relationships set her apart from her siblings. Hailey’s occasional thoughtfulness, such as giving up a prestigious fashion internship for her sister Alex, shows her hidden sensitivity. Her fashion sense and street smarts add to her unique charm.

    6. Lily Tucker-Pritchett

      Although she is the cast’s youngest member, Lily Tucker-Pritchett steals the show with her quick wit and intolerance for nonsense. While the adults are immersed in their problems, Lily is busy dropping truth bombs left and right. Her sassy remarks and comedic timing provide plenty of laughs. At the tender age of 10, Lily already has life figured out better than the rest of us. Her character adds a touch of brilliance to the show and is a fan favorite.

    7. Mitchell Pritchett

      Mitchell Pritchett, or Mitch, is the sarcastic half of the Mitch and Cam duo. While Cam unabashedly throws himself into every situation, Mitch is the more reluctant and dutiful partner. His dry, self-deprecating wit and eye-rolls in the face of Cam’s antics are truly a delight. Despite occasionally acting annoyed, Mitch secretly enjoys Cam’s over-the-top gestures and lifestyle. His vulnerability shines through in moments with Lily and Cam, revealing his soft side under the snark. His close relationship with his sister Claire and traditional values add an interesting contrast to Cam’s dramatic flair.

    8. Jay Pritchett

      Jay Pritchett is a complex character who can be difficult to box into one personality. He loves his family immensely but is also a grumpy old man. Jay’s wit, humor, and occasional vulnerability make him a charming and relatable character. Throughout the series, we witness his character growth and interactions with his diverse family members, creating entertaining dynamics. Jay’s caring and protective nature further enhances his likability. Despite his gruff exterior, Jay’s complexity, love for family, and sense of humor make him one of the show’s most endearing characters.

    9. Luke Dunphy

      The youngest son of the Dunphy family, Luke Dunphy, is the most likable character due to his endearing cluelessness. While he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, Luke’s heart is always in the right place. Whether he’s attempting to help his sister Alex with her homework or coming up with harebrained schemes to make easy money, Luke’s antics will surely make you chuckle. His bizarre observations and non-sequiturs add a touch of comedy gold to the show. It’s hard not to love this kid.

    10. Manny Delgado

      Manny Delgado, the stepson of Jay Pritchett, is a quirky character who dances to the beat of his drum. Often overly dramatic and eccentric, Manny’s strange hobbies and outdated references provide comedic relief. While his old soul and unique interests may set him apart from his peers, Manny’s caring nature and loyalty to his family redeem him. You never know what might come out of Manny’s mouth, whether it’s pondering the meaning of life or name-dropping historical figures. His quirks and endearing characteristics make him a likable addition to the Modern Family cast.

    11. Cameron Tucker

      Cameron Tucker, or Cam as he is affectionately known, is the eccentric and over-the-top husband of Mitchell and father of Lily. While his self-absorption and dramatic nature can sometimes be exasperating, Cam’s zest for life and eternal optimism make him an endearing character. His antics and one-liners provide some of the show’s most amusing and memorable moments. Despite his flaws, Cam’s heart of gold and ability to make you laugh despite yourself secure him a spot on the likability rankings. He may be a hot mess, but he’s our hot mess.

In conclusion, the likability rankings of the main characters in Modern Family showcase the diverse and captivating personalities that make the show a fan favorite. Each character adds a unique comedic touch, charm, and relatability to the series. From Cam’s over-the-top personality to Phil’s lovable goofiness, the likability of these characters has endeared them to viewers for over a decade. Whether you agree with the rankings or not, Modern Family has brought likable TV characters to a whole new level in the world of sitcoms.

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