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The Link Between Sitting for More Than 10 Hours a Day and Increased Risk of Dementia: Research Reveals


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Research Shows That Sitting for Long Hours Increases the Risk of Dementia

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Research has found that sitting in front of the TV for more than 10 hours a day or being inactive, even occasionally, increases the risk of developing dementia.


A study conducted by researchers from the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona analyzed data from over 50,000 British adults aged 60 and over. The study revealed that the likelihood of developing dementia significantly increases among adults who spend most of their day sitting.

It doesn’t matter whether a person spends time sitting for long periods or sitting intermittently throughout the day; both have the same effect on the risk of developing dementia.

Data Collection

Participants in the study wore activity-tracking devices on their wrists 24/7. These devices can differentiate between sitting and sleeping, and they helped researchers gather accurate data on participants’ activity levels.

Sedentary Behaviors

Sedentary behaviors include watching television, driving, playing video games, using a computer, sitting while traveling by car, bus, or train, and sitting at a desk at work. However, sleeping is not considered a sedentary behavior.

Study Results

During the six-year study period, 414 people were diagnosed with dementia. The analysis found that sitting for 10 or more hours a day was associated with an increased risk of developing the disease.

Compared to those who spent about nine hours a day sitting, those who spent 10 hours had an 8% higher risk of dementia. Meanwhile, those who spent 12 hours had a 63% higher risk, and those who spent 15 hours had three times the risk of developing dementia.

Total Time Spent Sitting

According to study lead author Professor Jane Alexander, the risk of developing dementia increased after 10 hours of sitting each day, regardless of how much time was accumulated. Total time spent sitting is what mediates the association between sedentary behavior and the risk of dementia. However, low levels of sedentary behavior, up to about 10 hours, were not associated with an increased risk.

Accumulation of Sedentary Behavior

A study published in the journal Jama Network Open found that the way sedentary behavior accumulates throughout the day has a similar link to dementia. Whether it’s long periods of sitting followed by activity or periods of sitting interspersed with standing, both increase the risk.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Professor David Raichlen suggests that spacing out long periods of sitting by standing up or walking around every 30 minutes may help reduce the risk. However, more research is needed to determine if physical activity can fully mitigate the risk of sitting for 10 hours or more.


Source: Independent

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