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The Long-Awaited Arrival of ChatGPT for Smartwatches, Along With Instructions on How to Configure it to Work With Siri


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Virtually all platforms, including Discord and Snapchat, are integrating ChatGPT. Even though this may be helpful for daily searches and conversations, you also get some fascinating implementations, like ChatGPT on smartwatches. Even though it may seem out of place to some, this configuration will allow quick and simple access to the OpenAI platform virtually anywhere.

The Long-Awaited Arrival of ChatGPT for Smartwatches, Along With Instructions on How to Configure it to Work With Siri_

WatchGPT is an Apple Watch app that uses ChatGPU. It was released last week for $3.99 and shot to #3 in the “utilities” category. With its API, the app enables purchases to communicate directly with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. According to the developer’s website, users may ask questions, generate lengthy responses without typing them, and publish any AI responses via text or social media. In a way that’s “like having a personal assistant on your wrist,” people can access “a massive repository of knowledge” and connect with intelligent computers in real-time.

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This sales pitch might sound like technology from the Jetsons. Still, it’s only a new approach to communicating with the AI model. It’s interesting to note that this won’t be confined to Apple Watches because ChatGPT has also been tested with similar features on Amazfit devices.

Using Apple’s Shortcuts, some inventive people have also integrated ChatGPT with Siri, enabling almost seamless contact with the AI. Users must install the shortcut, create a unique ChatGPT API key, and modify a few settings described on Yue-GitHub Yang’s page here or in the setup instructions in the shortcut to obtain this. Like Bing’s bot, the shortcut also enables users to give ChatGPT any personality they like for its responses, from comedian to chef to celebrity.

It will be fascinating to see if incorporating ChatGPT into everything is a good idea. It will improve users’ engagement with their smart assistants and simplify search results.

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