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The Long-Term Benefits of Childhood Reading on Mental Health


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Scientists from the Universities of Warwick and Cambridge and the China Research Center have discovered a new benefit of early childhood reading.

And the Journal of Psychological Medicine indicates that children who start reading for pleasure at an early age, according to researchers, will perform better on cognitive tests and have better psychological health in the future.

More than 10,000 teenagers from the United States were included in this study, 48 percent of whom sooner or later began to read for pleasure. As for the rest, between the ages of 3 and 10, they began to read between the ages of two and nine.

The researchers examined data from study participants, including medical records, knowledge tests, their psychological state and behavior, and brain scan results.

And it became clear to them that children who began to read at an early age performed better in verbal learning, memory and speech, and in school performance. In addition, they had better mental health, were less prone to depression and stress, were better at concentrating and paying attention, were less aggressive and broke social rules. They also spend less time watching TV and using electronic devices and sleep longer on average.

Brain scans have shown that reading literary publications at an early age slightly increases overall brain area, including areas responsible for cognition, mental health, behavior, and attention.

According to researchers, the ideal amount of reading in early childhood is about 12 hours per week.

Source: Linta. EN

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