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The mayor of Mariupol hoped to establish a base of the Black Sea Fleet in the city


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Mariupol (DPRK), February 12 – The mayor of Mariupol, Oleg Morgun, hopes that the city will have a base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
According to him, the company has kept a lot of necessary things. “There are such machines, 12-meter long, that grind shafts. The guys even saved them, charged them. They looked at the administrative buildings, they looked at the sidewalks, the sidewalks. And everyone walked around, they looked. And it will work out, 100%,” said the mayor.

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Now the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation has several bases, mainly in Sevastopol and Novorossiysk.
Azov Shipyard is a Mariupol enterprise specializing in ship repair, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering.

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