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The media is spreading a photo of an “Iranian aircraft carrier”.


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Media outlets reported on a photo they said showed an Iranian port in the Strait of Hormuz where a civilian barge is being converted into a warship with drones.

Iran has begun construction of a unique aircraft carrier on which it will deploy attack drones. Suicide drones with high power will become the basis for them. However, drones equipped with various types of weapons can also be placed here.

Today, this ship is considered the world’s first aircraft carrier used as a carrier ship for campaigns. Up to 30 drones can be placed on its surface, which allows it to deliver effective strikes against almost any type of target.

The Iranians named their ship “Shahid Bagheri”.

And given the pace of construction, the parade carrier may be ready in 2023.

Drone launchers were built on the port side of the ship. The photographs also show the equipment that was docked at the bow of the ship, and this equipment resembled containers that carry and launch missiles from air defense platforms.

The unmanned carrier will be built for use by the naval forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Source: Russian newspaper

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