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The media reported new explosions in Odessa and Kharkov


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Moscow, December 29 – Amid the air raid alert, Ukrainian media reported that two explosions were heard in Kharkiv and two new explosions were heard in Odessa.
An air raid alert was announced Thursday morning across Ukraine. After that, the Ukrainian edition “” reported that the explosion sounded in Odessa.
The Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reported that “two explosions have been reported in Kharkiv”.

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The local newspaper “Domskaya” also wrote about two new explosions in Odessa.
The attacks on the Ukrainian infrastructure of the Russian armed forces began on October 10, two days after the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, which, according to the Russian authorities, is behind the Ukrainian special services. The strikes were launched on energy facilities, defense industry, military leadership and communications across the country.
After the November 15 strikes, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Schmygal said that nearly half of the country’s energy system was out of order. In December, Volodymyr Zelensky said that now it is impossible to fully restore Ukraine’s energy system.

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