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The Ministry of Defense Highlights Successes in Kobyansk Direction


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Moscow, March 15 – The assault groups of the 6th Combined Arms Army of Russia on Tuesday took control of a part of the industrial region in the Kubyansk direction. In the Sinkovka area of ​​the Kharkov region, motorized riflemen destroyed and disabled an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group. The transfer of reserves, said Sergei Zhibinsky, head of the press center of the Zapad grouping of the RF Armed Forces.

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“In the Kubyansk direction, units of the 6th Combined Arms Army by the end of the day took control of part of the industrial zone, captured three hangars. In addition, during the day, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe village of Senkovka, motorized rifle units opened and destroyed a sabotage and reconnaissance group of a separate mechanized brigade XIV, and two attempts to transfer reserves were thwarted.

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