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The Ministry of Defense recalled the West’s provocations with weapons of mass destruction


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Moscow, February 28 – The head of the radiological, chemical and biological defense forces of the Russian Armed Forces, Igor Kirillov, said that the West regularly talks about the possible use of weapons of mass destruction by Russia, but such projects have been implemented by the United States itself more than once. Tuesday.
“We have repeatedly noted that the leadership of Western countries regularly makes provocative statements about Russia’s possible use of weapons of mass destruction,” Kirillov told a news briefing.
He stressed that such projects have already been implemented by the United States itself more than once to achieve political goals. Kirillov recalled how the test tube containing “washing powder” in the hands of US Secretary of State Colin Powell served as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq and the killing of more than half a million citizens in this country.
“In 2017, White Helmet photos released by news agencies showing people in a regular gauze sample at a suspected sarin gas site led to a US missile attack on the Shayrat air base in Syria,” he added.

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The commander of the RKHBZ forces also told about how in 2018 staged filming of children allegedly poisoned with chlorine was organized in the Syrian city of Douma. The personnel became the reason behind the destruction of the research center in Borz and Jamrai.
Kirillov noted that no one has yet been held responsible for the crimes he mentioned.
He described the United States’ fulfillment of its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention as selective. Thus, in violation of the Convention and the Geneva Protocol of 1925, the US Department of Defense proceeded to use a number of chemicals as a means of warfare. Kirillov noted that its use is envisaged using a wide range of standard ammunition.

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