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The Ministry of Education has developed a model for schools on laptop computers


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Moscow, January 13 – The press service of the ministry reports that the Ministry of Education of Russia has developed a special unit for padding shoes for schools, and it is included in the register of exemplary educational programs.
“The Lapta educational module was developed for the systems of general primary education, general basic education and general secondary education. The module was approved by the decision of the Federal Educational and Methodological Society of General Education and included in the Register of Typical Basic General Education Programs of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation ”.
It should be noted that the program was prepared by the All-Russian Organization of Public Physical Culture and Sports “Federation of Russian Lapta of Russia” with organizational and methodological support from the Federal Center for Organizational and Methodological Support of Physical Education.

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The ministry added that the unit will allow schoolchildren to develop their physical skills, and will also contribute to the moral education of schoolchildren and students. While playing bast shoes, children learn to work in a team, to be proactive and decisive.
“The new educational unit aims to expand the integration of physical education lessons and extracurricular activities. Particular attention will be given to the implementation of the Lapta unit as part of the activities of school sports clubs. Today, more than 32,000 school sports clubs operate in the education system, and by 2024, every school will have a sports club.” .

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