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The Ministry of Finance has proposed setting differential rates for the use of forests


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Moscow, February 10 – The Russian Ministry of Finance proposes to set differentiated rates for forest use, based on the popularity of wood species, today the rate is about 5-6%, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.
“When determining the rate of use of forests, it is proposed to take into account a differentiated approach depending on the demand for wood species. Today, the rate in terms of the cost of timber is about 5-6%, however, – he said at a meeting of the Cabinet on the development of the timber industry with Russian President Vladimir Putin, “In our opinion, it is fairer to set higher rates for more expensive items and lower rates for less demand.”
He also proposed other ideas for the development of the timber industry. So, for example, the Minister suggested that when the regions convert boiler houses to biofuel, the credit resources allocated within the framework of infrastructure budget loans should be used for the modernization of housing and communal services. “100 billion rubles out of 250 go towards this goal, and it seems to me that this is exactly the resource that can be used,” he added.

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In addition, Siluanov proposed subsidizing, first of all, those enterprises of the timber industry that suffered the most from the closing of markets, but on condition that employment remain. “First of all, these are Northwest companies,” the minister noted.

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