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The Moon Landing Site: A Hidden Easter Egg in Starfield Revealed on Reddit


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The Moon Landing Site: A Curious Easter Egg in Starfield

The Moon Landing Site: A Curious Easter Egg in Starfield

The Moon in the Starfield hides a curious Easter egg, if we want to call it that. Bethesda developers have essentially recreated the site of the first lunar landing in 1969 on our satellite.

Discovery on the Moon

As reported on Reddit, a user went to explore the Moon and discovered that, unlike Earth, it appears to have remained as it is today in the years in which Starfield takes place. That’s when the American flag appears at the site of the first moon landing.

A Nod to History

The first men on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, became famous thanks to historical images that we all remember. With all due respect to the conspiracy theorists who would like to see the whole enterprise recreated in a Hollywood studio to jumpstart Russia’s Cold War, Bethesda celebrated the occasion by re-offering the location in its video game as well.

Exploring Space Attractions

If you don’t feel like exploring the entire satellite to see this place for yourself, you can use some of the notes and books in the game to find this and other space attractions. Perhaps then you could decide to travel between planets aboard a ship shaped like a giant penis.

The original Moon landing site has been found!!! byu/FingazMC in Starfield

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