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The most popular goods among Russians from the well-known IKEA assortment have become


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Moscow, February 15 – Crockery, textiles and toys turned out to be the most popular products among Russians from the range of the Swedish brand IKEA available on Yandex Market, which left Russia, the News Agency told the market.
In March last year, the IKEA store chain announced that it was suspending all sales in Russia, and in June it did not see the possibility of resuming it in the foreseeable future, due to which the Russian staff and local sales were cut. Factories.
At the beginning of August 2022, a special section “IKEA products and similar products” appeared on Yandex Market. I collected goods from various partners – for example, factories that supplied goods to IKEA, as well as from stores selling goods from the Swedish chain. In addition, the online platform sells goods brought in by partners from abroad. At the same time, already in November, the market announced that it had agreed to purchase all the goods of this brand remaining in Russia.

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At the same time, furniture and children’s goods are in the lead in terms of sales volume. It should be noted that the Blohey Shark soft toy and the Duktig children’s kitchen set shared the second place, which even surpassed some full-size pieces of furniture.
“Customers’ interest in some IKEA products changes as the holidays approach. So, before Valentine’s Day, the service has increased demand for a heart-shaped pillow-toy “Famnig Härta.” The next peak in pre-holiday demand may occur near Maslenitsa – and lead, for example, to A significant increase in the number of orders for Hover pancake pans, which are already at the top of sales,” the company calculates.
IKEA is the world’s largest home improvement retailer founded in 1943 in Sweden.

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