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The most unusual vacancies were selected in January


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Moscow, January 17 – A microbiologist, an expert in assessing the quality of products, as well as manufacturers of croissant fillers and removable dentures is included in the top 10 most unusual vacancies in January from the service, which is owned by the News Agency.
According to the classification data, the Khabarovsk microbiologist is looking for microorganisms of 3-4 pathogenic groups and diagnostic media. The applicant must have at least one year of practical experience and the ability to work with nutrient media and museum strains of microorganisms. In Moscow, they are looking for a surveyor – an expert in the quality of food products, in particular vegetables, fruits and berries.
A resident is required – a specialist in cutting meat and offal – in the Smolensk region, and a holiday manager is required in Omsk. The employee will have to work with the customer base of kindergartens and schools, assign events and keep records.

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A grocery list technician with at least three years of experience is required in Moscow; Retirees and people with disabilities are willing to consider this position. The specialist will have to make removable dentures, including bar and lock structures. A construction company in Izhevsk is looking for a cleaner. His duties include cleaning tanks with the help of KamAZ and mechanical loading of sediment into containers for disposal.
A worker is being sought to prepare fillings for croissants and pastries for a puff shop in St. Petersburg. Also in the northern capital, an iron is required – a person. Which will carry out wet heat treatment of semi-finished products, as well as final processing of finished products.
Moscow needs a metallurgist and crucible worker. The duties of the senior specialist include chemical analysis of minerals, part of the work is traveling in nature with expensive equipment, which requires the candidate to be pedantic and meticulous. The crucible operator’s main responsibility is to work on postpress equipment: cutting, folding, combining, stitching, and laminating.

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