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The musicians performed a song in Ukrainian at a concert in "Luzhniki"


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Moscow, February 22 – The duet of musicians Akim Abacheva and Daria Fry performed the song “Plive kacha” (“A duck floats”) in Ukrainian at a concert in Luzhniki in Moscow, dedicated to the celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day, reports the News Agency.
The song in Ukrainian is an appeal to the lyrical hero to the enemies – Ukrainian soldiers. In parallel with the live performance, frames from the video for the song shot in Mariupol were broadcast on the stadium screens. On the screens appeared lines in Russian, for example: “The demons are buried in Azovstal.”
Earlier, Abacheva was awarded the international public award “Order of Daria Duzhina for loyalty to the Russian world and traditional values”, which was intended for the deceased journalist. Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin (Daria Dugin’s father) noted that in Akim’s song “Plive kacha” the author says he is “returning” the language along with the cities. “This is important,” said Dugin, “and the language is not a foreign language, it is the language of a part of our people.”

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The concert took place in Luzhniki on Wednesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited him, and the head of state made a speech and congratulated the Russians on February 23 next. The concert was also attended by the group “Lube”, the player “Shaman”, Oleg Gazmanov, the group “City 312” and other musicians.

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