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The Netherlands will stop gas production at its largest fields by October 2024


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Hans Willbrev, Deputy Minister of Economy and Climate Policy of the Netherlands, said that the authorities of the kingdom plan to stop gas production at the Groningen field, the largest in Western Europe, no later than October 2024.

Hans said in an interview with Britain’s Financial Times published on Sunday: “The best-case scenario for the Dutch authorities, he said, is to close this field this year, but the energy crisis in Europe could force it to be extended until October 2024. despite current earthquake threats.

Gans added that since 1980, up to 100 aftershocks have been recorded in this region annually, some of which reach a magnitude of 3.6.

Wellbreef said the Netherlands will not suffer from gas shortages after the Groningen shutdown in light of gas import deals with the US, Norway and Qatar.

Source: TASS

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