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The new device will reveal the cause of your baby’s crying in just 10 seconds!


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The new Qbear with artificial intelligence helps answer the question of new parents: why is my baby crying?

Qbear is a round, silicone-coated device with software that analyzes baby crying to determine if baby is hungry, tired, needs rest, or has a dirty diaper – in just 10 seconds with 95% accuracy .

Parents receive notifications about their children’s noise through the companion app, which also displays updates on their children’s comfort level and room temperature.

Qbear is currently on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, showcasing the latest products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. Qbear has three placement options: table top, wall mount, and crib stand.

The technology was developed using an 18-layer deep learning architecture and GPU pre-training mode to process more than 10,000 rows of baby crying data.

And AI can analyze pain and discomfort at any time to track the physiological state of the child.

The device is also programmed to automatically play a patented lullaby and womb sound when the carefully designed sleep lamp is turned on when it detects that the baby is “tired”.

The device comes with a companion app and other indications that show why your baby is crying. The application is also compatible with Alexa, which is suitable for use in modern homes.

However, Quantum Music notes that there are times when a baby’s cry does not correspond to any of the four conditions detected by the AI.

Other functions of the system control the humidity and temperature in the room.

Parents can also save the diaper indicator in the app and enter the frequency of urination to better understand when their baby might need a change.

Before Qbear hit the market, scientists developed a “recipe” for lulling a baby, and it’s surprisingly simple.

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Brain Research in Japan say the trick to calm a crying baby is to hold him for five minutes and then sit with him for five to eight minutes before laying him down. to bed.

The researchers suggested that the transference response might help calm babies.

The team’s observations showed that when the mother walked with the baby, the crying baby calmed down and its heart rate slowed down within 30 seconds.

A similar effect was observed when the infant was placed in a rocking chair.

Source: Daily Mail

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