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The Olfactory Indicator: A Potential Cancer Symptom Revealed by the Sense of Smell


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Any growth in the nasal cavity, the space behind the nose, or the paranasal sinuses—small air-filled cavities inside the nose—can change your sense of smell.

According to the British National Health Service, one of the “most common” symptoms of nose and sinus cancer is “impaired sense of smell”.

Additional symptoms may include nasal congestion that only affects one side and does not go away. As well as bleeding in the nose or any bloody mucus flowing from the nose.

Although these symptoms may be similar to the common cold, in the later stages, the bump can lead to constant pain or facial numbness.

Cancer can also lead to swollen glands in the neck, partial loss of vision, or double vision.

Cancer of the nose and sinuses can also cause eye swelling, watery eyes, or pain and pressure in one ear.

The UK Cancer Study says: “Survival depends on various factors. Therefore, no one can tell you exactly how long you will live. Your result depends on the stage of the cancer when it was diagnosed. This means how big it is and whether it has spread. .”

The longer the cancer remains to grow, the larger the tumor and the more deadly.

Thus, if you experience any unpleasant and persistent symptoms (other than those listed above), you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Source: Express

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