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The Pentagon Bolsters US Military Preparedness in Middle East Amid Escalation by Iran and Affiliated Forces


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The Pentagon Takes Steps to Bolster US Military Preparedness in the Middle East

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The Pentagon has recently taken action to strengthen US military readiness in the Middle East. This decision was made in response to what they perceive as an escalation by Iran and its affiliated forces in the region.

Increased Defense Systems and Possible Deployment

US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, has ordered the activation of air defense systems and has informed additional forces of their potential deployment in the near future. However, the exact number of forces that will be added to those already present in the region has not been disclosed.

Consultation with President Joe Biden

These actions were taken after detailed discussions between Secretary Austin and President Joe Biden. The objective of these measures is to strengthen regional deterrence efforts, enhance the protection of American forces in the area, and provide support to Israel.

Support for Israel’s Response to Hamas Incursion

This move by the Pentagon aligns with the Biden administration’s support for Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians. The conflict was triggered by a surprise incursion by Hamas on October 7. In response, Israel launched an indiscriminate attack on the Gaza Strip which has resulted in a significant loss of life.

Deployment of Defense Systems and Readiness

Secretary Austin has activated the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense battery and additional Patriot battalions throughout the region. Additionally, he has placed additional forces on standby for deployment orders as part of contingency planning to increase readiness and quick response capabilities.

Tensions in the Region

Tensions have been escalating along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, with the Israeli army engaging in fire exchanges with the Iran-backed Hezbollah group. There are concerns about the possibility of opening a new front in the conflict. Furthermore, armed factions close to Iran have threatened to attack American interests in Iraq due to Washington’s support for Israel. Although missile attacks targeted American forces stationed at two bases in Iraq, no casualties have been reported.

Continued Attacks on Coalition Forces

Over the past few days, three Iraqi bases utilized by US-led coalition forces have been targeted in five separate attacks. These include Ain al-Asad, the Al-Harir base in northern Iraq, and a camp near Baghdad airport.

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