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The Philippines receives patrol ships and transport aircraft from the United States through donation.


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Washington, May 2 – The White House materials stated that the United States was moving patrol ships and military transport aircraft to the Philippines.
Military cooperation is being discussed during Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s visit to the United States, who was received at the White House on Monday by his US counterpart, Joe Biden.
“The United States intends to transfer two Island-class patrol ships, two Protection-class patrol ships and three C-130H military transport aircraft to the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” said the visit materials. Shipments must be approved by Congress.

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Two more Cyclone patrol vessels were delivered to the Philippines at the end of April and are now on their way to Manila.
In a statement following the talks, Biden reaffirmed the United States’ “unbreakable commitment” to the alliance with the Philippines, including a military alliance in the event of an attack on the country’s armed forces, ships or aircraft in the Pacific, including in the south. China Sea.
In Washington and Manila, Chinese forces have recently been accused of provocations against Philippine courts in the region.

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