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The Plague: Kingdom Wars Patch Notes Update Today on January 22, 2023


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A new update has been released for The Plague: Kingdom Wars. You can find all the Game Update details below. The Plague: Kingdom Wars is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hey Everyone,

We are happy to present a massive new updates that improves almost every area of the game. New new features, improvements, polish and balancing, and an additional game mode long requested by our players – playing “What if Plague never happened?” scenario. And yes – Undead Rising is right around the corner as well! This update also does wonders for performance and fixing last remaining game crashing issues.

We have also added support for Portuguese language that has long been requested. And we also added various cheat codes both for campaign and skirmish.

The changes include lots of GUI improvements, long-requested info popups with stats for the world map, a lot of balancing polish. On top of that we have redesigned the auto-resolve system, improve a lot of translations, and did a huge rebalance of both combat and world map gameplay and stats.

Please keep in mind there will be a follow-up update by Monday, adding couple of very awesome new features and visual GUI improvements that werent ready in time for todays update.

And a note about Dead Rising DLC. Not sure if youve seen our other updates about it - but if not - the reason it was delayed so long is performance issues with Kingdom Wars 4. We spent months fixing these from August until this update, and glad to say that its finally resolved. So with this major roadblock out of the way I`ll be sure to rush the work on Undead Rising for February launch. Finally can share the good news that final obstacle has been removed.

Also please let us know on the forums if your having any issues you would like for us to focus on, or have balancing or other suggestions.

Now lets take a closer look at what Update 25 has to offer:

  • Brand new game mode added to the game – What if Plague didn`t happen?
  • With Plague disabled all the plague notifications, events, controls and gameplay elements are disabled
  • Added full Portuguese – Brazilian/European translation to the game
  • Major rework of the UI tooltips for the world map Resources counter
  • Mouse over each resource on the world map gives complete breakdowns of various categories adding or consuming each resource
  • Kingdoms name is now shown on the world map army and town interface – so player can easily figure out who certain army or town belongs to
  • Towns now show text on wall control points – making them easy to find, especially for new players
  • Fixed rare crash busy when loading big town levels from world map
  • Fixed rare crash on loading screen to the world map
  • Fixed rare crash when loading a level from Skirmish Co-Op
  • Fixed a number of rare crashes during combat
  • Greatly decreased loading time for entering towns or hamlets
  • Full rebalance of the Auto-resolve to make it work a lot better and be a lot more realistic
  • Auto-resolve will now often leave units wounded but not dead
  • All in all a lot of performance and video card usage improvements
  • Added cheatcode to the game, can be used both on the worldmap or in towns or battles
  • To use cheats you have to play in online mode, open chat window (Enter key does it as well), and type in /food or /wood or /stone or /silver to get 5000 of that resources added (up to the storage capacity)
  • Using cheatcodes adds cheater tag to the campaign they are used on
  • Campaigns marked as cheaters will not earn Steam achievements
  • Rebalanced the cost of researching techs in Steward menu
  • Late game research especially is now up to several times more expensive
  • Chill Mode and Plague Disable checkmarks stay checked on create new campaign screen when scrolling through kingdoms
  • Fixed a big balancing issue where siege equipment would produce wood, instead of consuming it for upkeep
  • Major rebalance of many world map stats and gameplay
  • Major rebalance of combat and relations between units

Source: Steam

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