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The plane departed from Irkutsk and returned due to technical problems


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Irkutsk, January 11 – The plane, which was en route from Irkutsk to Polyarnye, had problems with radio communication, which led to it turning back to the port of departure, according to the Transport Prosecutor’s Office for Eastern Siberia.
The Baikal-Angarsk Transport Prosecutor’s Office organized an inspection of flight safety requirements upon the return of the IrAero aircraft to Irkutsk airport.
“According to preliminary data, when the plane was flying on the Irkutsk-Polyarny flight, problems arose with establishing radio contact between the crew and the dispatcher, in connection with which the crew decided to return the plane to the airport of departure.” says the report.

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The accident happened on January 10th. The day before, a cargo hatch opened in the air on an IrAero plane flying to Magadan.

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