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The poll showed that a third of Russians do not oppose reducing the New Year holidays


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Moscow, January 11 – About a third of Russians surveyed (36%) are not against reducing the New Year holidays, 46% of them have nothing to do on holidays, 22% do not like the winter weather, 17% work in the service these days, according to a study by Rambler & Co, results obtained by the News Agency.
It is noted that Russians, for whom vacations seem too long, do not know what to do (46%), do not like the winter weather (22%), and some of them work in the service (17%) or begin to be absent from work. (15%).
Almost two-thirds of Russians surveyed (63%) did not leave their place of residence during the January long weekend, 23% visited their hometown within the country, 6% traveled abroad, and 5% chose tourism in Russia, And 3% change several locations during the holidays,” according to the study.

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The New Year traditionally remains a family holiday – 71% of respondents celebrated it with their relatives, 13% were consciously alone, 11% – together with a loved one, and 5% celebrated it with friends.
“This year, respondents (40%) basically did not budget separately for the January weekend and spent money only on organizing New Year’s Eve. The rest also planned other holidays: for example, 18% spent on” vacations “From 5 to 10 thousand rubles, 14% – from 11 to 20 thousand rubles, 12% allocated up to 5,000 rubles. Every tenth (10%) spent more than 30 thousand on a long weekend and 6% – from 21 to 30 thousand Ruble,” the company added.
The study was conducted on Rambler & Co’s media sources from January 1 to January 9, and covered 353,000 Internet users.

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