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The Positive Outcome of Turkish President Erdogan’s Visit to Russia: Expert Analysis


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Doha, September 4 – Expert says Russia-Turkey Relations Must Be Strengthened

The recent visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Russia after his re-election was seen positively, but experts say both countries need to continue building on the progress made during the negotiations. Ali Bakir, a professor of international relations at Qatar University and an expert on Turkey’s affairs, highlighted the importance of maintaining momentum and solidifying the results of the discussions with decisive actions.

Discussion of Key Issues

During the visit, President Erdogan aimed to address various issues concerning both Turkey and Russia. These included the war in Ukraine, the grain deal, the Syrian crisis, and energy matters. While the meeting was deemed positive, it is insufficient, and the two sides must take concrete steps to ensure the implementation of their agreements.

Strong Relations Between Turkey and Russia

According to Professor Bakir, the relationship between Turkey and Russia remains robust. President Erdogan believes that Turkey, with its good relations with both Russia and Ukraine, is well-positioned to contribute to finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine. However, he stressed that all parties involved need to demonstrate the will and courage to pursue this path.

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Hope for Resolving the Grain Deal

President Erdogan hopes to resume the grain deal through negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also emphasized Turkey’s commitment to finding a resolution to the Syrian crisis in line with international resolutions and agreements between Turkey and Russia.

Putin’s Perspective on the Negotiations

After the talks in Sochi on September 4, President Putin stated that Ukraine and the grain deal were given significant attention. He expressed Russia’s willingness to revive the grain deal once all agreements were fulfilled. Additionally, Russia and Turkey plan to establish a joint working group to construct a gas center, with discussions also involving the legal framework, bidding plans, and gas purchases.

Turkish President’s Positive Outlook

President Erdogan considered Russia’s expectations regarding the grain deal to be fair. He presented a package of new ideas that he hopes will contribute to the resumption of the agreement. Furthermore, talks with President Putin also included discussions on the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Sinop, Turkey.

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