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The possibility of a new strain of “Crown” is weak, but not excluded


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Russian infectious disease expert Sergei Voznesensky said that the likelihood of a new strain of the Corona virus that could replace Omicron is small, but this cannot be ruled out.

The Novosti agency quotes Voznesensky, who is also a professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases at RUDN University, that “theoretically, some other strains may appear that will replace Omicron, and this cannot be ruled out, although the probability is small.”

He explained that if the virus continues to develop only in its current state, Omicron, then the likelihood of a relapse of the virus and an outbreak of the disease is very small.

He pointed out that in this case, if the population does not have immunity after illness or vaccination, that is, the level of immunity is weak, then a surge in infections may be recorded in some areas.

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