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The Power of Social Media: How a Single Tweet Paralyzed an Engineer


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During the last hours, the Twitter platform experienced a crash, the details of which were still unknown, during which a message appeared to users stating that “Your API plan does not include reaching this point.”

And Platformer reported that an employee within the company explained that the proposed change is part of a project to shut down free access to the Twitter API, recalling that Twitter announced on Feb. 1 that it was ending free access to the company’s app development. which greatly limited the ability of external researchers to study the network.

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How a lone engineer broke Twitter on Monday
– High cost cutting costs
Nice tax season tweet

— Platformer (@platformer) March 6, 2023

And that the platform, which was acquired by billionaire Elon Musk last October, was working on a new paid developer API.

But due to Musk’s cost-cutting and downsizing policy, which he followed from day one, only one engineer was assigned to the project.

According to a current employee, the aforementioned engineer made an “obviously bad” change as it broke Twitter’s app programming, “before the rest of the programmers and engineers with an interest in the company rushed to fix this ‘stupidity’.”

Thousands of users from all over the world reported yesterday that they could not open links to external sites.

While the company’s technical department account explained in a tweet that “some features on Twitter may not work as expected at this time”, indicating that this is due to an “unintentional defect” caused by a platform update.

Source: Platformer

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