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The predictor said what the spring will be like in central Russia


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Moscow, February 13 – What kind of weather can be expected in Central Russia in spring?
Usually, spring warmth comes to the central regions of the country at the end of March, and this year you shouldn’t count on an early change of seasons, the weatherman said.
“In Central Russia, the meteorological spring usually comes in the last days of March, when the average daily temperature passes from zero towards positive values. This will definitely not happen before the deadlines provided by nature,” Tishkovets assures.
Most likely, he continued, typical spring weather will only be established at the end of the first decade of April. The forecaster warned of expecting cold waves and snowballs in March.

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“March will confirm the situation of a very unstable month with the traditional return of cold weather, with an increase in frosts, with the intrusion of the Arctic and snow loads,” said Tishkovets.
However, the forecaster added that the average air temperature in the first month of spring will be three to four degrees above the climatic average. He said that the months of April and May will be cooler in this regard.
“In general, March is expected to be three to four degrees Celsius warmer. The excess may be half a degree,” Yevgeny Tishkovets gave such a forecast in an interview with Radio Sputnik.
He said that next spring’s precipitation will remain within normal limits.
The forecaster concluded that the accuracy of preliminary weather forecasts for the season, as a rule, ranges between 60-70%.

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