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The president of Croatia likened his country to a circus poodle in the European Union


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Belgrade, January 30 – President Zoran Milanovic said that the EU, represented by the EU’s head of diplomacy Josep Borrell, is making a “circus dog” out of Croatia, contrary to Croatian interests, and called Foreign Minister Gordan Grellich-Radman a “Geisha Lavrov”.
“Let’s not make fools of ourselves. Borrell is involved in making a circus dog from Croatia, and Mogherini and some Croatian media have been involved to some extent before him,” the Croatian president told reporters on Monday.
According to him, the country is trampled into the mud and “works directly against Croatian interests.” Milanović recalled Borrell’s letter to Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grelic-Radman at the end of December that rejected the participation of the Croatian military in the EU peacekeeping mission in Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). For Zagreb, this is a sensitive issue. Bosnian Croats are the third country in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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“What is the government of Croatia doing, what is ‘Geisha Lavrova’ doing, the person who received this letter? Write … goodbye,” said Milanović. And on Monday, the EU’s chief of diplomacy described himself as “a rabbit that someone took out of his hat”.
Earlier, the Croatian President repeatedly admonished the Foreign Minister for his lack of professionalism and obedience to Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. In mid-January, Milanovic said that Gresh Radman, whom his father and mother “do not understand,” on January 17, 2022, went to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow for no reason. According to his words, the head of the Croatian Foreign Ministry extended an invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Croatia, to which the Croatian president “did not agree”.

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