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The Prevalence of Apple Among Generation Z Creates Obstacles for Android


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According to The Financial Times, younger Americans greatly like Apple over competitors, spurring a generational shift towards Apple products and social pressure.

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The survey claims that younger consumers are worried about being teased for not having an iPhone. This effect encourages young people to purchase additional Apple goods and services, increasing the company’s market share in various product categories.

Gen Z, commonly known as people born after 1996, makes up 34% of all iPhone owners in the U.S., compared to only 10% of Samsung users. There is a fairly balanced distribution of iPhone and Android users among older generations. The effects of younger people’s preference for Apple products go beyond iPhones. These consumers are far more likely to buy Macs, Apple Watches, and AirPods.

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According to data by Canalys, for every 100 iPhones that Apple sells globally, it also sells 26 iPads, 17 Apple Watches, and 35 sets of AirPods. Samsung sells fewer than 11 tablets, six smartwatches, and six sets of wireless earbuds for every 100 smartphones. This is true even though an iPhone costs approximately three times as much as an Android handset.

The Financial Times was informed by researchers that provide corporations with advice about the preferences of Gen Z consumers that this demographic spends the most time online of any age group, averaging up to six hours each day on their cellphones. As a result, Apple’s ecosystem influences how people make social decisions by highlighting the significance of iMessage as a social signal required by subpar messaging and SMS group chat experiences.

The Prevalence of Apple Among Generation Z Creates Obstacles for Android_

The same trend is also seen in Europe, where Android has a larger market share, and iMessage is less common. According to Canalys study, 83 percent of western European consumers of Apple who are under 25 plan to use an iPhone. As Gen Z ages, this trend will likely intensify and further consolidate Apple’s market share, making it more and more challenging for competitors to gain market share.

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