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The Price of 2000 Pounds for Egyptian Chicken Quality


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The price of black chickens in Egypt has dropped significantly, to a record price of around £2,000 per hen from £3,000 a year ago, according to black poultry traders.

For his part, Ahmed Anwar, a black poultry farmer from Egypt, said: “The price of black chickens and eggs, as well as chickens, has decreased significantly compared to the previous one. thousand pounds for slaughter, and that the significant price reduction is due to the current lack of demand “for her”.

Anwar explained that “now he no longer sells white type black chickens because of their high price, and also because there is no demand for them, unlike chickens and chickens for slaughter.”

He indicated that he “owns a small black bird farm, and it was in great demand from the public and hotels because of the great nutritional value that this bird contains.”

He emphasized that “the trade in black chickens is very profitable, especially since they eat the same types of feed as normal chickens”, pointing out that “he started his trade by importing fertilized hatching eggs from Indonesia and began to invest in them.”

Source: Cairo 24

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