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The Primary Issue Confronting Print Media


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Moscow, April 11 – The main problem of the print media now is the decline in circulation, the general decline in circulation compared to last year from 8 to 11%, – Svetlana Dzyubinskaya, deputy director of the Department of State Support for the Periodical Press and the Book Industry of the Ministry. of digital development, communications and mass media in the Russian Federation, he told the News Agency.
“For print media, this is a decrease in circulation, because the main source of income in one form or another for the printing press is income from the sale of the product, from retail sales, from the sale of subscriptions through kiosks, through stores, regardless of distribution – these are sales, ”- said Dzyubinskaya , answering the question, what is the main problem of print media now.
According to them, the quality of delivery somehow affects sales.

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“We can promote the subscription as much as we like, but a new subscriber came, signed the publication, if he didn’t receive it on time, then there is no desire to subscribe to it,” Dzyubinskaya explained, adding that the total circulation decreased compared to last year from 8 to 11%.

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