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The referee shows a white card for the first time in the history of professional football. What is the meaning of this card?


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After the 1970 World Cup, football fans were accustomed to seeing referees show yellow and red cards to punish players, but the Portuguese referee surprised everyone by showing a white card.

This card was used last Saturday in the match between women’s Benfica and Sporting Lisbon, for the first time in professional football.

✅ The referee made history by showing a white card for the first time in football history!


– GiveMeSport (@GiveMeSport) January 23, 2023

And the sportbible website states that the white card was shown when Benfica were 3-0 ahead of local rivals, and it was necessary when the medical staff of the two teams ran onto the field to help one of the players.

Judge makes history by showing first-ever white card

– SPORTbible (@sportbible) January 22, 2023

The player in question complained of not feeling well at the start of the match when the two teams’ medical staff teamed up to try to treat her.

During this procedure, the referee showed an unprecedented white card to the medical staff of the two teams in recognition of their sportsmanship.

The presentation of the card was welcomed and applauded by the fans watching the match from the stands.

According to the Sportbible, the white card was designed to show clubs appreciation for fair play during a match in order to “improve the moral value of the sport”.

The white card has been introduced in Portugal along with many recent FIFA initiatives.

FIFA has recently made some changes to the football law, including the ability to replace concussion players during a match, as well as an increase in estimated time instead of lost time, which was noticeable during the 2022 World Cup group stage matches in Qatar.

Now that the white card is in use, it is hoped that other referees will use it when they see fit during matches.

Source: Sportbible

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