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The report shows that 3 Arab countries bought about 100 tons of gold in 2022.


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A report released by the World Gold Council showed that countries purchased the precious metal in 2022, and the report indicated that 3 Arab countries bought about 97 tons of the resonant yellow.

According to the first report of the World Gold Council, released in 2023, the world’s gold reserves amounted to approximately 35,369.1 tons.

As for the most famous countries that bought gold during the past year, the report showed that Egypt purchased 44.6 tons of resonant yellow gold, Iraq 33.9 tons and the UAE 18.5 tons.

It should be noted that the share of gold reserves of Egypt is 22.1% of its total international reserves, while that of Iraq is 8.7%, and the share of gold in the total reserves of the UAE reaches 6.5%.

In terms of the largest Arab countries holding gold, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to lead the list with 323.1 tons, followed by Lebanon with 286.8 tons, Algeria with 173.6 tons, Iraq with 130.3 tons and Egypt with 125 tons. .5 tons. .

Source: RT

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